We hope that everyone who downloads Steve Reich’s Clapping Music has fun playing the game, however the app was also designed to help with some research. We were interested in  the following questions:

  1. 1.How are musical performance skills acquired through a digital game experience?

  2. 2.Can audience engagement with a new music genre be increased by a game based smartphone app?

You can watch a short video about the project here .


The research report for the first study, completed in summer 2015, can be found here. Further publications are planned, and will be listed here when they become available. The project team have also produced some additional materials:

  1. A series of short insights about challenges encountered during the process of designing the app, published by the Digital R&D fund for the Arts here.

  2. A business model for the project, which can be found here.


Development of the App and initial research was funded by The Digital R&D Fund for the Arts, a partnership between Nesta, the Arts Council England and the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) in a project led by the London Sinfonietta. Further data collection, outreach work in schools and analysis was funded by an award from the EPSRC Platform Grant EP/K009559/1, held at Queen Mary University of London. This research utilised Queen Mary's MidPlus computational facilities, supported by QMUL Research-IT and funded by EPSRC grant EP/K000128/1. This research has been reviewed and approved by the QMUL Ethics Committee, reference QMERC1513a.  

Questions? E-mail clappingmusicresearch@gmail.com