Call for Submissions

Key Dates

Paper/Workshop Submission Deadline
3 February 2006
Workshop Acceptance Notification
3 March 2006
Poster/Demonstration Submission Deadline
17 March 2006
Paper Acceptance Notification
27 March 2006
Paper Camera Ready Deadline
24 April 2006
Poster/Demonstration Acceptance Notification
28 April 2006
Poster/Demonstration Camera Ready Deadline
19 May 2006


THEME : Interdisciplinarity

Researchers in Auditory Display (AD) come from a wide variety of backgrounds, sometimes with very different perspectives. Examples of the range of disciplines frequently represented at ICAD conferences include psychologists, computer scientists, engineers, teachers and practitioners of performing arts, researchers in assistive technology, environmental designers and so on.

The interdisciplinary nature of AD research presents exciting opportunities to learn about new disciplines and work with people from different backgrounds. On the other hand,interdisciplinary working poses tough questions both within individual projects and across the discipline. Within specific projects, typical challenges include:

  • How to convey the potential benefits of Auditory Display within a visually dominated culture.
  • How to facilitate communications and use of a common language across project members with diverse backgrounds.
  • How to recruit project members with the requisite expertise.
  • How to disseminate project results most effectively and efficiently across the communities to which they are relevant.

At the discipline level, we continue to experience difficulties in obtaining funding due to the fact that AD research is often seen as an interesting area, but not central to any of the disciplines of those seeking support. As a community of researchers, we face challenges of how best to promote the field of AD to funding bodies, within corporate and educational organisations and to the general public.

We aim both to celebrate and examine the range of issues associated with interdisciplinary working on AD projects. The conference will include a workshop exploring the issues outlined above, and we would be pleased to hear of suggestions of further events that examine aspects of interdisciplinary working within the context of AD research.



The topics for ICAD include but are not limited to:

  • Aesthetics
  • Accessibility
  • Applications
  • Design theory and methods
  • Evaluation and usability
  • Human Factors
  • Mappings from data to sound
  • Philosophy and culture
  • Psychology, Cognition, Perception and Psychoacoustics
  • Technologies and tools