ICAD 2006 Concert

Global Music - The world by ear

A concert of sonifications based on sociological global data at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London.

More information about the motivation, the background and the data can be found in the call for submissions.


Water is Life
by Kalika Doloswala
Schnappschuss von der Erde
by David E. Spondike
Global disease music
by Brian Willkie
Life Expectancy
by Tim Barrass
The CIA Fact Book
by Ambrose Field
Guernica 2006
by Guillaume Potard
Terra Nullius
by Julian Rohrhuber
Navegar É Preciso
by Alberto de Campo and Christian Dayé

ICAD @ Digital Studio ICA

Visual Sound by Jean-Baptiste Thiebaut is an interactive installation that allows users to manipulate abstract shapes to organise sound in time, using a self-similarity algorithm. The ambient sound is recorded and transformed according to the user interaction. It uses Processing for the visual rendering and Max/MSP for the sound rendering.

Swell by Dominique Leroy captures physical maritime data from the Internet and uses multimedia programming in pure data software running on Linux to transpose the evolution of the physical data into an audio- landscape. Four amplified speakers create a spatialisation of the sounds in real-time; a map allows the visitor to move around in the geographic zone and in this way modify the sound quality in the exhibition space.