Older News

  • [1 February 2009] Seminar: Paul Hampton (C-Innovate) - Practicalities of conducting ethnomethodological research.
  • [28 January 2009] Seminar: Johann Issartel (Dublin City University) - Wavelet transform analysis of human motor behaviour.
  • [13-14 September 2009] Hosting the The Young Researchers' Roundtable on Spoken Dialogue Systems, a SIGDIAL satellite event.
  • [11-12 September 2009] Hosting the SIGDIAL 2009 Conference - SIGDIAL's first year as a full conference.
  • [11 September 2009] Times Higher Education Awards Congratulations to Paul Curzon, who has been shortlisted for the 'Most Innovative Teacher of the Year' award
  • [1 August 2009] CHI+MED: Reliance on interactive medical devices is growing, both in clinical settings and, increasingly, for patients at home. The usability of such devices is critical for patient safety. The CHI+MED project, which involves Paul Curzon from IMC, will improve the science and engineering of interactive medical devices, transforming the climate surrounding their design, procurement and use. CHI+MED is a 6-year joint ESPRC project worth £6.7 million awarded to a consortium consisting of UCL, Queen Mary, Swansea and City Universities.
  • [21 July 2009] New Programme grant: Pat Healey is part of a successful new NHS programme grant "EPOS: Effective patient-clinician interaction to improve treatment outcomes for patients with psychosis" Led by Prof. Stefan Priebe, in the Unit for Social & Community Psychiatry at Barts. We will develop a mobile application to support communication between clinicians and patients. Total value of the grant is £1,024,917.
  • [16 July 2009] IMC Away day (Provisional Schedule)
  • [July 2009] Constructing Relational Diagrams in Audio. Congratulations to Oussama for his work on this paper which has been nominated as the best work from UK researchers in that community. This nomination comes out of an initiative of the British HCI conference which aims to ensure the best UK research is recognised and visible to the local research community. Oussama will be travelling to Cambridge during this year's HCI conference to talk about his research and accept a prize.
  • [3-4 July 2009] Installation/Performance: Jean-Baptiste Thiebaut is performing as part of RAINFOREST IV: "a collaborative environmental work, spatially mixing the live sounds of suspended sculptures and found objects, with their transformed reflections in anaudio system." [More...]
  • [23 June 2009] Surface Tension: Interactives and Workshops Nick Bryan-Kinns and Robin Fencott are involved in an event at the Dana Centre on 23 June 2009 - Sensory Threads, Daisyphone, Cellular Sound. [More...]
  • [June 2009] The Young Researchers' Roundtable on Spoken Dialogue Systems, a SIGDIAL satellite event, is also to be held at QMUL on September 13-14. This is an annual workshop designed for students, post-docs, and junior researchers working in research related to spoken dialogue systems in both academia and industry.
  • [February 2009] SIGDIAL 2009 Conference The IMC group will be hosting this year's meeting of SIGDIAL (the Special Interest Group on Discourse and Dialogue). This year, the meeting is changing from a workshop into a full conference, and will have best paper awards for the first time. [More...]
  • [January 2009] Technology Strategy Board Awards IMC members Nick Bryan Kinns, Tony Stockman and Oussama Metatla have successfully secured two different Technology Strategy Board funding awards. [More...]
  • [January 2009] Pat Healey, Mark Sandler and Mark Plumbley have been awarded a £5 million grant from EPSRC to set up a Doctoral Training Centre that will provide a unique new four year Ph.D. programme in Media and Arts Technology. The programme will start in October 2009 and will recruit approximately 10 new Ph.D students a year. More details...
  • [13 November 2008] All About T.I.M. A series of short performance experiments demonstrating the creative potential of motion capture technology as a tool within performance for exploring audience behaviour and interaction, by Rachel Oxley in collaboration with Matt Delbridge and Tim Jeeves. Start: 5.30 pm. Location: Pinter Studio Theatre, Ground Floor in the Arts Building More...
  • [30 September 2008] AHI lab page update: Videos from the AHI lab are now online...
  • [13 September 2008] Augmented Instruments Scientists and performing artists came together to demonstrate cutting edge research into digital music and performance. The concert brought together artists who use technology to enhance their instruments. The project was led by IMC's Jean-Baptiste Thiebaut from Queen Mary's Centre for Digital Music, whose work was showcased during the evening. [Listen to Jean-Baptiste and Otso Lahdeoja's performance]. [Listen to Atau Tanaka and Adam Parkinson's performance]. A BBC World service reporter from the Digital Planet program was at the gig; [listen to the program].
  • [03-05 July 2008] Neurotic - ROBOTS LOVE PUNK! [See Video] Professor Peter McOwan has collaborated on a project involving Neurotic and the PVCs performing, at the ICA, to 3 giant robots educated by listening to classic punk tracks. At the gigs, they will ‘dance’ with the band if they recognise patterns in the music/sound. All of this raises old debates but with very recent neurology and computing as a reference point and with a lot of fun. More...
  • [14 May 2008] The Giant Instrument : IMC's Jean Baptiste Thiebaut collaborated on this giant sound installation project, with Kurt Jacobson, Andrew Robertson, Adam Stark, and Steve Welburn. More...
  • [09 April 2008] LIREC - Living with Robots and Interactive Companions: Professor Peter McOwan is the coordinator of an EU funded European project to advance the relationship between robots and humans.
  • [19 Oct 2007] Pogo Robots Project: a joint project with Soda and Peter McOwan funded by the Wellcome Trust's Arts Awards. The project questions the neurology associated with the essential human experience of pleasure, learning, taste and ageing in the context of the instinct to dance. The live 'gig' will be at the ICA spring next year.
  • [13 Oct 2007] As part of the 2007 Big Draw, organised by the Campaign for Drawing, this project is producing new interactive visual tools for children and professionals to explore and understand similarities and differences between animals, particularly during early development, and how these have arisen through evolution. More...
  • [29 May 2007] Greg Elgar (SBCS) and Pat Healey (IMC) have been successful in an application for a Wellcome Trust Arts Award which "funds projects that investigate biomedical science and its social contexts". More...
  • [12 March 2007] A bid for an EPSRC platform grant was successful and will allow us to collaborate closely with the Centre for Digital Music for the next five years. More...
  • June 2006: 3D & Installation Portraiture This is the third in a series of challenging seminars on contemporary portraiture and its place in modern art. The event is organised by Alla Tkachuk, artist-in-residence, Queen Mary, University of London, in conjunction with the National Portrait Gallery. More information
  • May 2006: First Prize for Jean-Baptiste Thiebaut Congratulations to Jean-Baptiste Thiebaut who was awarded first prize for his music visualisation software 'Pompiloop'  by the Association Francaise d'Informatique Musicale at the last  European Sound and Music Computing competition in Marseille.
  • January 2006: Miscommunication Workshop The QMUL Miscommunication workshop follows on from a workshop at the 2005 Cognitive Science conference in Stresa [CogSci PDF]. The aims of this workshop are to explore:
    • how concepts of miscommunication influence theories of meaning and  representation
    • empirical analyses of miscommunication and related phenomena
    • the possible role of miscommunication in the development of  semantic co-ordination

    For more information please visit the workshop pages.
  • December 2005: DiET: Dialogue Experimentation Toolkit research funded EPSRC have awarded Dr Pat Healey a three year, £180,000 research grant: "DiET: Dialogue Experimentation Toolkit" which will provide new tools for experimental studies of dialogue. This project continues a collaboration with Jonathan Ginzburg (Kings) and will build on our involvement in the Leverhulme funded international research network "Dialogue Matters" (Glasgow, Gothenburg, Edinburgh, Essex, Kings, Stanford & SUNY).
    Pat Healey is the contact point.
  • 31 May 2005: EPSRC grant on Mobile Jamming Nick Bryan-Kinns has just been awarded an EPSRC grant worth £33.000 on Mobile Jamming. In recent years we have seen the wide acceptance of informal personal technologies novel forms of conversation such as text messaging on mobile phones. Similarly, there has been an increase in the use of personal music making systems and digital audio devices. However, no technology has yet exploited the role of music in social interaction - one of music's fundamental roles for millennia. This project builds on his previous research to bring together music, messaging, and creativity in order to provide a new form of social interaction - ad-hoc mobile group music.