Robust Incremental Semantic Resources for Dialogue (RISER) - EPSRC
The project aims to achieve a step forward in the quality and ease of development of incremental dialogue systems by producing new methods and resources for incremental language understanding and production
The Dynamics of Conversational Dialogue (DynDial)
A joint project between researchers in IMC and at King's College London, the project aims to achieve a radical step forward in our understanding of human dialogue
Drawing together
An interactive event as part of the launch of the Big Draw 2007 - Wellcome Trust Arts Award
Platform grant IMC - C4DM
A platform grant to collaborate closely with the Centre for Digital Music - EPSRC
Dialogue Experimental Toolkit (DiET)
Experimental toolkit for investigating text-based dialogue - EPSRC
Engaging Collaborations
Researching interfaces for musical interaction - EPSRC
The Human Error Modelling Project: Applying Results from Cognitive Science to Formal System Verification - EPSRC
Multimodality and Graphics in Interactive Communication - EPSRC and ESRC, PACCIT initiative
Mobile Multimodality and Graphics in Interactive Communication - Hewlett-Packard's Voice Web Initiative
Long-term Representation of Structural Information in Dialogue Interaction - EPSRC
Mixed Mode Communication Project (MMC)
A framework for the analysis and evaluation of multimodal group communication over digital communication spaces.