Weekly Seminar Series

The Cognitive Science group meets on a regular basis to discuss papers of interest and current work of members of the group. The current details of the upcoming seminar series can be found here. Some previous papers discussed in the group can be found below:

27th Sep 2007 - 13 Dec 2007

  • Multi-party Interaction Reading Group: During the autumn term, we will be discussing some prominent papers in the area of multi-party interaction. This is largely to motivate/explore new research strands within the field. The schedule plus details of the papers to be discussed can be found here.

29th Jan 2007:

  • Currently reading Division 1 of Heidegger's Being and Time. More details here.

5th June 2006:

  • For the summer, we will be reading selected writings from "Maurice Merleau-Ponty: basic writings", edited by Thomas Baldwin. This week, the Merleau-Ponty reading will be The Body as Object and Mechanistic Physiology.

27th March 2006:

  • Chris and Tony talking about the recent SonEnvir workshop, in which multi-disciplinary teams worked on a series of scientific data sets, ranging from EEG data, climate, world population and particle physics data to produce sonifications. The exercise provided a set of very interesting case studies relevant to both sound design and issues of interdisciplinary working.

20th March 2006:

6th March 2006:

  • Sinan Bokesoy will present his work in the AHI Lab

27th February 2006:

  • Meg will be holding today's reading group. We will be discussing "Myths in Life Stories" by Jean Peneff.

20th February 2006:

  • Nabavian S. and Bryan-Kinns N. (2006) Analysing Group Creativity: A Distributed Cognitive Study of Group Music Composition. To appear in the Proceedings of the 2006 Cognitive Science Conference.

13th February 2006:

  • Hollan, J., Hutchins, E., Kirsh, D. (2000) ‘Distributed cognition: toward a new foundation for human-computer interaction research’. ACM transactions on computer-human interaction, 7(2), 174-196. [pdf]

6th February 2006:

  • Winberg, F. and Bowers, J. 2004. Assembling the senses: towards the design of cooperative interfaces for visually impaired users. In Proceedings of the 2004 ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work (Chicago, Illinois, USA, November 06 - 10, 2004). CSCW '04. ACM Press, New York, NY, 332-341. [pdf]

30th January 2006:

  • Michael Kubovy and David Van Valkenburg, Auditory and visual objects, Cognition, Volume 80, Issues 1-2, June 2001, Pages 97-126. [ pdf]

23rd January 2006:

  • K. R. Scherer & M. R. Zentener (2001) Emotional effects of music: Production rules in Music and emotion: theory and research , Juslin, P.N. & Sloboda, J.A. (ed.) . Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press. [ pdf]

9th January 2006:

  • B. Galantucci (2005) An experimental study of the emergence of human communication systems. Cognitive Science 29, p737-767. [ pdf]

29th November 2005:

  • Joe Leach talks about "writing papers/programs [jointly] using remote collaboration technology"

21st November 2005:

14th November 2005:

31st October 2005:

18th October 2005:

10th October 2005:

  • Auslander P. (2002). Live from Cyberspace: or, I was sitting at my computer this guy appeared he thought I was a bot, PAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art 24.1: 16-21. [pdf]
  • Blau H. (2002).The Human Nature of the Bot: a response to Philip Auslander, PAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art 24.1: 22-24. [pdf]