Minds, Systems and Societies

Comedy Lab: Human vs. Robot, A Hack the Barbican Activity.

Comedy Lab: Human vs. Robot, A Hack the Barbican Activity.


We study human cognition, action and interaction. Using methods from psychology, computer science, engineering, social science and philosophy, we conduct our research on scales ranging from individual experience, through interactions between individuals, to the languages, cultures and dynamics of societies.

Research Themes

  • AESTHETICS. Nature and organisation of aesthetic experience in a variety of domains including music, art, dance and performance.
  • CREATIVITY. Theories and models of creativity, play, insight and innovation.
  • HUMAN INTERACTION. Human-computer interaction, dialogue, non-verbal interaction and large group interactions.
  • REASONING. Problem solving, human decision making and rational choice.
  • SOCIETY. Social computing, social networks and public engagement.

Research Methods

  • Empirical experimentation
  • Computational modelling
  • Philosophical enquiry

Including: Conversation Analysis, Discourse Analysis, Robotics, Cognitive Modelling, Machine learning, Formal Modelling, Computational Linguistics, Empirical studies of brain and behaviour.