Pat Healey email Human Interaction, Collaboration, Miscommunication


Matthew Purver email Computational Linguistics (aka Natural Language Processing), Dialogue, Social Media


Paul Curzon email Formal Methods for Interaction Design, Computer Science Education and Public Engagement, Design for All
Julian Hough email Embodied dialogue modelling, Spoken dialogue systems, Communicative grounding
Antonios Kaniadakis email Information Systems, Economic Sociology, Innovation Studies and Management
Athen Ma email Complex Systems and Network Idiosyncrasy, Networked Innovation, Evolution of Ecological Networks
Eran Padumadasa email Human Computer Interaction, Human Decision Making, Privacy and Surveillance
Marcus Pearce email Music Perception and Cognition, Empirical Aesthetics, Cognitive Neuroscience
Massimo Poesio email Anaphora interpretation, Games-with-a-purpose for NLP, semantic interpretation in dialogues, brain data for computational linguistics, deception detection
Karen Shoop email Intelligent Agents
Tony Stockman email Auditory Displays, Interactional Sounds and Haptics, Cross-modal Collaboration
Laurissa Tokarchuk email Social Computing, Sensors and Mobile Interaction, Recommendation
Graham White email Formal Reasoning about Action, Metaphysics
Geraint A. Wiggins email Computational Creativity, Music Cognition, Cognitive Architectures
Arkaitz Zubiaga email Social Media Mining, Natural Language Processing, Computational Social Science


Nick Bryan-Kinns email Creativity and Cognition, Interactional Sound and Music, Engagement
Ildar Farkhatdinov email Multimodal Human-Robot interaction with applications in Robot Control, Rehabilitation and Virtual Reality
Anne Hsu email Human Computer Interaction, Behavioural Change, Legal Reasoning
Lorenzo Jamone email Robot Learning and Cognition
Isabelle Mareschal email Visual perception, Social Neuroscience, Eye gaze
Alan McElligott email Animal Cognition, Animal Welfare, Vocal communication
Peter McOwan email
Cognitive Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Public Understanding
Magda Osman email Dynamic Decision Making, Problem Solving, Agency and Control
Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh email Compositional Distributional Semantics, Dynamic Epistemic Logic, Category Theoretical Models of Natural Language


Juan Alvarado email Evaluating Creativity in Generated Text
Vincent Akkermans email Computational Creativity, Creative Processes, Machine Learning
Carlos Armendariz email Computational Linguistics
Nela Brown email Human-Computer Interaction for Children
Sophie Chesney email Detecting Sensationalism in the News
Ioana Dalca email Cognitive & Affective Science, Music Psychology, Empirical Aesthetics
Jorge Del Bosque email Spoken Dialogue Systems, Linguistic Computational Creativity, User Modelling
Maximilian Droog Hayes email Automatic Summarization, Computational Creativity, Natural Language Processing
Maryam Fatemi email Social Computing, Recommendation
Feng Feng email Crossmodal interaction, Multimodal information processing, Sonification and Haptics
Remi de Fleurian email Music Cognition, Empirical Aesthetics
Rosella Galindo email Embodied Interaction, Engagement, Collaboration
Tom Gurion email Non-verbal social interaction, Virtual reality
Matthew Jarvis email Wearable Computing, Sensors and Sensing, Affective Computing
Nicole Karakin email Embodied Cognition, Movement Qualities, Somatics
Kleomenis Katevas email Mobile Sensing, Crowd Behaviour, Human-Computer Interaction
Chris Madge email Games-with-a-purpose for NLP
Stephen McGregor email Computational Creativity, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind
Mariano Mora email Computational Creativity, Emergent Systems, Deep Learning
Nicola Plant email Embodied Interaction, Intersubjectivity, Empathy
Sophie Skach email Textile Sensing, Social Interaction, Non-Verbal Behaviour
Alexandra Uma email Computational modelling of ambiguous anaphoric expressions
Bogdan Vera email Networked Musical Interaction, Machine Learning, Prediction Algorithms
Jane Waite email Computational Thinking in Early Years and Primary Education, Programming in Education, Girls in Computing
Xinyue Wang email Social Computing, Event Characterization
Sonia Wilkie email Psychoacoustics, Audio Technology, DSP


Trevor Bragg email CAS London
Doruk Kicikoglu email Games-with-a-purpose for NLP
Fiore Martin email Multimodal Interaction, Computer-Supported Cooperative Work, Accessibility
Silviu Paun email Bayesian inference and NLP
Sandra Servia email Social Data Mining
Juntao Yu email Dependency parsing, mention extraction, anaphoric interpretation


Ruth Kempson email Dialogue Modelling (Language as Interaction), Dialogue, Communication
Shalom Lappin email Computational Linguistics, Semantics, Probabilistic Models, Machine Learning
Ann Light email Design for Sustainability, Technology & Mediation, Digital Interdependence
Natasa Milic-Frayling email Digital Content Management, Communication, Social Interaction


Kat Agres email Music Cognition, Learning & Memory, Change Detection
A-STAR (Agency for Science, Technology and Research), Singapore
Saul Albert email Conversation Analysis, Aesthetics, Ethnomethodology
Tufts University, USA
Pollie Barden email Participatory Design in HCI with Older People, Actor Network Theory in Telematic Interactions, Game Design
Marcus Colman email Intersubjectivity, Human Interaction, Experimental Social Psychology
KMPT (Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust)
Shauna Concannon email Dialogue, (Dis)agreement
Newcastle University
Sam Duffy email Music Tuition, Interaction, Embodiment
University College London
Arash Eshghi email Dialogue, Computational Linguistics
Heriot-Watt University
Henrietta Eyre email Computational Creativity, Multi-Agent Systems, Philosophy of Language
Black Swan Data
Adarga Ltd
Marjan Falahrastegar email Privacy, Recommendation
Christine Farion email Wearables, Forgetfulness & Distributed Cognition, Embedded Systems
Robin Fencott email Design and Evaluation of Collaborative Music Software, Computer-Supported Cooperative Work, New interfaces for Musical Expression
Chrisantha Fernando email Cognitive Robotics, Darwinian Neurodynamics, Artificial Creativity and Curiosity
Google DeepMind
Christopher Frauenberger email Interaction Design, Assistive Technologies, Child Computer Interaction
U. Sussex
Vienna University of Technology
Colombine Gardair email Interaction and Communication, Audience, Media
Sascha Griffiths email Human-Robot Interaction, Embedded Systems, Dialogue
University of Hamburg
Niall Gunter email Language Use & Demographic Attributes, Social Networks, Twitter
OpenBet Ltd
Hamed Haddadi email Social Computing, Online Advertising, Privacy
Imperial College London
Thomas Hedges email Computational Creativity, Music Cognition, Musicology
Christine Howes email Interaction, Dialogue, Communication
University of Gothenburg
Huayi Huang email Distributed Communication in Patient Safety, HCI, Causal Inference in the Real World
Gibson Ikoro email Social Computing, Interaction, Communication
Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester
Mary Lavelle email Schizophrenia, Social Interaction, Coordination
King’s College London
Jeni Maleshkova email Visual Arts, Design, Media Technology
Paolo Masci email HCI for Safety-Critical Systems, Formal Methods, Distributed Cognition Systems
University of Minho, Portugal
Oussama Metatla email Multimodal and Crossmodal Interaction, Computer-Supported Cooperative Work, Accessibility
University of Bristol
Dmitrijs Milajevs email Distributional Semantics, Dialogue, Machine learning
Gregory Mills email Interaction, (Mis)communication, Conventionalization
Chrystie Myketiak email Communication, Discourse, Sociolinguistics
University of Brighton
Kavin Preethi Narasimhan email Interaction, Media, Communication
University of Surrey
Sasha Scott email Mediatized Ritual, Affective Performance, Social Media
European Broadcasting Union
Yading Song email Music Perception, Music Psychology, Music Cognition