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  1. Paul Drew  & Claire Penn On failure to understand what the other is saying
  2. Chris Cummins – Getting implicatures wrong
  3. Adrian Bangerter, Julie Brosy, & Paloma Corvalan – Correlates and effects of delayed responses to job interview questions 
  4. Herbert H. Clark – Cost-benefit analyses in communicating
  5. Staffan Larsson – Grounding as a side-effect of grounding
  6. Robin Cooper – Dynamic linguistic resources: a recipe for miscommunication
  7. Mark Dingemanse – Negotiating understanding in conversation: A cross-linguistic study of other-initiated repair
  8. Jennifer Roche – (Mis)Communication, Ambiguous Lexical Choices, and Perspective Taking in Dyadic Tasks
  9. JP De RuiterModeling Miscommunication 
  10. Gregory Mills – Semantic coordination in dialogue: miscommunication drives abstraction
  11. Rose McCabe – Miscommunication in doctor-patient communication: Is getting it wrong, getting it right?
  12. Pat Healey – The Body’s Natural Defences Against Communicative Disease
  13. Matthew Purver – Miscommunicating with Computers

A full series of summaries of these talks written by members of the doctoral colloquium are available, along with links to slides from some of the talks.

Past workshops

  • Abstracts from the 2006 Miscommunication workshop are available here.
  • Proceedings of the 2005 Miscommunication Symposium at CogSci in Stresa are available here.

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